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Our mission

The D.T.Net service mission, what is that? Quite simple! We are committed to the daily task of equipping your property with the best technical equipment. Investors, architects, property managers, but also the residents of dormitories, among others, are some of our customers.

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Our vision

Simple yet ambitious, our vision is to become Germany's largest, most modern and most independent cable network operator.
To realize this, we work passionately every day to provide you with the best service and the most innovative infrastructure.

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Our Technical Team

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Peter Rudolph

Geschäftsführer Installation & Technik

Thomas Grosch

Assembly Technician

Remzi Omeroglu

Assembly Technician

Philipp Rudolph

Master Electrical Engineer/ Project Manager South Germany

Peter Rudolph Jr.

Project Manager/Hessen NRW

Michael Kühnel

Project manager/Berlin

Mike Winkler

Foreman/Squad Leader

Our Support Team

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Maja Fix


Sofia Kirchgessner


Lina Brandt


Martina Uxa-Löw


Daniela Lorenz


Jessica Grübel


Samantha Kruse


Alexandra Muskat

Microapartmens / Studentenwohneheime, Projektmanagerin

Quentin Brandt

Teamleiter Vertriebsinnendienst, IT-Systemadministrator, Marketing

Anna Kippes


Nicole Taubner


Fabian Ußmüller


Anna-Lena Rudolph


Michaela Rudolph

Offer Preparation

Jennifer Rudolph


Susanne Ficht


Carolin Rudolph

Coordination Signal Feeds

Franziska Luther

Vertriebsinnendienst, Marketing

Kristina Calhoun

Einkauf / Bauwesen

Daniela Söll


Jens Rudolph

Geschäftsführer Vertrieb & Administration

The D.T.Net offer

We install high-speed fiber optic cable from your building to your apartment, providing you with high-speed Internet, television and telephony.

Fiber optics

We implement fiber optic networks in residential buildings all the way to the media distributor and into every room. This minimizes any interface problems in the future. At the time of the move-in, the complete building technology is installed. Of course, we also open the networks to other providers.

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Internet and Phone

As the demand for performance efficient networks is becoming more and more important, we are accelerating the installation of modern fiber optic networks. We install the cables up to the object (FTTH as well as FTTB). The cabling leads from the data center directly into the home.

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We focus on state-of-the-art WEB-TV solutions for our own home entertainment. For this purpose, the company provides fast and uncomplicated installation options. Up to five TV devices can be used simultaneously via a LAN or W-LAN network, an app or the Amazon Fire TV stick without any problems.

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Receive Top-Network-Technology-Service

State-of-the-art fiber optic cables in your property all the way to the apartment with high-performance Internet as well as television and telephony? Then contact us now.