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Internet and Phone

Internet and Phone

As the demand for power efficient networks is becoming more and more important, D.T.Net Service is pushing the installation of modern fiber optic networks. We lay the cables right into the property (FTTH and FTTB). The cabling runs from the data center directly into the customer's home. In addition, we ensure that the booked bandwidths are actually available to the consumer. Even at peak times (when network utilization is high), only minimal dropout rates occur. In line with end-user requirements, the company offers individualized price scales, depending on the consumer's expectations and preferences. The offer includes bandwidths starting with 50 Mbit up to 1 Gbit fiber-optic lines. For consumers, we are the only company in Germany to provide 100 Mbit immediately upon move-in, free of charge for one month. This bridges installation times and guarantees digital connectivity for consumers from the first day they move in.

The D.T.Net offer

We install high-speed fiber optic cable from your building to your apartment, providing you with high-speed Internet, television and telephony.

Receive Top-Network-Technology-Service

State-of-the-art fiber optic cables in your property all the way to the apartment with high-performance Internet as well as television and telephony? Then contact us now.