DT Net Service

Real Estate Funds

We work closely with portfolio managers of real estate funds, such as INDUSTRIA WOHNEN. Our goal is to equip the fund's properties with our grid systems. This means that the properties are highly modern right from the start and are also state-of-the-art in the long term.

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Micro Apartments - Boarding Houses - Student Residences

In the hectic times of the modern world, tenants want reliability and flexibility. So-called micro-apartments, boarding houses or student residences offer both in one: small residential units that are rented out for short periods of time. To ensure the best stay for your residents, we equip them with the latest network technology as soon as they move in.

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An architect must take modern communications technology into account right from the start of planning, as it requires sufficient space. The equipment, flexibility and future viability are essential factors for the satisfaction of your customers. At D.T. Net Service, we are happy to advise you on choosing the right technology for your project.

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Property manager

Balancing a wide variety of needs and taking account of the tenant/landlord relationship: that is the job of a property manager. The satisfaction of the residents of your complex is a decisive criterion for sustainable cooperation. To support you in this, we offer flexible networking options that are specifically tailored to your customer group.

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Property developers / investors

Communication technology is one of the most important basic needs today. The motto is: "Faster, better, everywhere". However, modern communication technology not only offers practical advantages, it is also a must for property developers and investors. We therefore rely on state-of-the-art technology that decisively increases the value of your real estate and makes your customers happy.

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Below you will find a small selection of our projects described in more detail.

Ludwig Hoffmann Quartiere Berlin


The Ludwig Hoffmann Quartier looks back on an eventful history. First a military hospital, then Berlin's largest children's hospital and now a city quarter. Yet the location has always been important for Buch - once Europe's largest hospital site and now once again a renowned science and research center.

Elaborate renovation

The access work was as complex as the entire project. Considerable construction work was required to bring the entire infrastructure, including water pipes, telephone, heating and TV connections, up to the latest standards. "But it was worth it," says Andreas Dahlke, "because we created a solid foundation for the entire project in the long term. This was an investment in the future and an important prerequisite for ensuring a permanently high quality of living and life. Above all, the close cooperation with investors such as Detlev Maruhn, Dirk Germandi, CWG and Brenta Real made this development possible."

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Bahnstadt Heidelberg

"Bahnstadt Heidelberg" is the name of a 116-hectare district (larger than today's Heidelberg Old Town) that was completely planned and built as a mix of housing, science, commercial and cultural buildings. Bahnstadt Heidelberg is one of the largest passive house developments in the world. But it was not only pioneering energy concepts that were implemented here, but also a future-proof data and communications system. D.T.Net Service has equipped the entire Bahnstadt Heidelberg with state-of-the-art network technology.

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The D.T.Net offer

We install high-speed fiber optic cable from your building to your apartment, providing you with high-speed Internet, television and telephony.

Fiber optics

We implement fiber optic networks in residential buildings all the way to the media distributor and into every room. This minimizes any interface problems in the future. At the time of the move-in, the complete building technology is installed. Of course, we also open the networks to other providers.

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Internet and Phone

As the demand for performance efficient networks is becoming more and more important, we are accelerating the installation of modern fiber optic networks. We install the cables up to the object (FTTH as well as FTTB). The cabling leads from the data center directly into the home.

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We focus on state-of-the-art WEB-TV solutions for our own home entertainment. For this purpose, the company provides fast and uncomplicated installation options. Up to five TV devices can be used simultaneously via a LAN or W-LAN network, an app or the Amazon Fire TV stick without any problems.

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Receive Top-Network-Technology-Service

State-of-the-art fiber optic cables in your property all the way to the apartment with high-performance Internet as well as television and telephony? Then contact us now.