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D.T.Net Service installs state of the art fiber optic lines in your property all the way to the apartment to provide it with high performance internet, television and telephony.

Installation of network technologies for any target group!

D.T.Net Service provides the basis for new digital technologies and services such as the Internet, Web TV (for example, Ultra HD TV) and Smart Home. The company provides high-performance, secure and optimized network connections (for example WLAN networks) and network technology (for example fiber optic lines) for your property. With our solution concepts for a digital future, the networking of the property becomes possible. And better connection systems as well as infrastructures create more powerful networks and thus offer more efficient networking of all electronic and electrical components. For this purpose, we offer specialized solution concepts, adapted to the individual requirements of the target groups.

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Our young and motivated team works passionately every day to provide you with the best service and the most innovative infrastructure. We offer fiber-optic access to residential units across Germany. For us, good network technology is the key to modern living.

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State-of-the-art fiber optic cables in your property all the way to the apartment with high-performance Internet as well as television and telephony? Then contact us now.